Dasho Pema Tenzin visits all villages under Bongo Gewog

Our Honourable NC member Dasho Pema Tenzin visited all villages under Bongo Gewog starting from Toktogom on 30 December to Damji on January 8. Dasho also visited other villages under Chukha Dzongkhag. All Bongops remain thankful for Dasho’s visit to our remote villags including to Zamsa, Phasuma and other small villages.

Below are memos taken straight out of Dasho’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pema.tenzin.3998

December 30


Hike to Toktokha – Goma. A remote village under Bongo Gewog. From Tashigatshel road point (above Chhukha Power Plant) it takes 3.30 hrs to reach the village and 2 hrs to come back. Beautiful village – i had a great meeting. Beside many issues, people requested me to help them get a farm road connectivity which will improve their livelihood.

January 4


Totowom is a remote village under Bongo Gewog. From Chungkha Village it takes a total of four hours of tough hike. Many things got discussed during our Zomdu but people kept on asking me to request the Dzongkhag and Gewog office to clear the road blocks that happened almost 9 months back due to heavy rain and landslides.

January 5

Gedu, Chungkha

Met the people of two chiwogs of Bongo Gewog. People raised issues regarding the quality of Gewog Road black topping, Social accountability, Rural enterprise development, BBIN, support from the Central and Dzongkhag administration (farm roads, farm shops, consultation etc). After sharing the NC’s review works and resolutions of the 18th Session. I took the opportunity to explain the roles and functions of NC, NA and LG. I also reminded the people to be knowlegable and responsible in using their rights and to actively participate in setting a good system of Democracy.

NC Dasho Pema Tenzin

January 6 – Meritsemo, Jungley, Bongo

Met the people of Miritsemo, Junglay and Bongo Village. During the discussion people asked me to request the Government and Dzongkhag to help them with drinking water, irrigration and sanitation etc.

January 7 – Phasuma

Visited two remote villages under Bongo Gewog. Phasooma and Zamsa. People are happy and worried at the same time that the farm road that is being constructed will be of good quality. People raised issues regarding drinking water, sanitation and irrigation once again.

January 8 – Damji

I shared the NC’s review works and resolutions with the people of Damji and ketokha Village under Bongo Gewog. I also took the opportunity to talk about our Democracy and His Majesty’s advice towards being, “One Nation, One Vision”.

People of Damji Village requested me to help communicate with the LG and Dzongkhag heads to clear the road blocks due to last year’s heavy rain and landslides. They shared to me that their voices were never heard and the village do not get the attention from many LG heads for being small in size and population.

People of Ketokha requested me to talk to Agriculture Sector and FCBL in P/Ling to accept their Alanchi Produce, at the auction yard. They asked, if the Gewog Center black topping road from Miritsemo to Getana Gewog will be build? Cause it will benefit the people of Ketokha and Damji.