Lugo Bay Lugo Bay

To bring fortune and good luck for a year, the women dancers of Bongo village nick name the archers on the third day of the Bongo archery and Losar. It is called Dha Kha Log Ni.

The Lyrics goes Lugo Bay Lugo Bay. Dha Kha Log Ni is one of the awaited programmes during the three day archery and Losar in Bongo village. It is one part of an event where women calls all men archers by their nick names, as they gets ready to shoot their arrows. The old and the young archers are all teased with their nick names. No one is spared. Whatever the nick name the archer gets, it stays along for the whole year, until the same programme is repeated one year after and the men archers again gets their new nick names.

The origin of such teasing is not known but in Thimphu and other areas but we do see two opposing archery teams bringing their set of women dancers who tease the opposing men of the team to miss the target. But ‘nick-naming’ the men, we are not aware if such happens in other part of Bhutan. But in Bongo, it is really a fun part of the three-day archery and Losar.

We have always wanted to video document this important and interesting part of Bongop Losar. This year, we succeeded and we have the video here for you to view, laugh and comment as well.

We hope our Bongops can take interest to be part of such events in the future. The feeling of being cleansed by the nick names that we get and starting a new year with a new name is exciting.


Memories of Bongo Losar 2017

Snapshots of Bongo Losar 2017. Enjoy them here.

Bongo Archery 2017
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Welcome to Bongo Losar from 19 to 22 December

One Losar ends and another begins. Ketokha Nyaru Losar was a huge success. There was unlimited joy and happiness shared among the people of Ketokha and all who attended the Nyaru Losar. For those who have failed to make it to the Ketokha Nyaru Losar, you have to wait for the Ketokha Nyaru video which is forthcoming or you can come to attend the Bongo Losar which starts from 19 December.

There are always unique features in Losars celebrated in different Bongop villages. Ketokha Nyaru was  unique in different aspects and it is even hard to put forth in words the uniqueness. Bongo Losar certainly has its own beauty and charm. If you want to see how it was celebrated back in 2015, please click on the video link below to watch the film made by Jamyang Jamtsho of Gumar Films.

Bongo Losar this time around should be a grand one. We expect all Bongops residing outside of the village to come to attend the Losar. Bongop Tshogpa would be happy to coordinate and travel together from Thimphu if there are many travelers.

Welcome everyone to our Losar. Leave aside your ‘busy schedule’. Let’s enjoy among our parents, brothers, sisters and with our village friends once in a year. We expect to see all of you at Bongo on the evening of 18th December.



Invitation to Ketokha Nya Ru Losar starting from Sunday 3 December 2017

The Bongops of Ketokha will celebrate the annual Nya Ru Losar starting from Sunday 3 December. The celebrations last five days and all the people of Ketokha come together to celebrate it with Archery match and dances. Nya Ru is the celebration of the meeting of group of six stars (Min Drug) and the moon. On the 15th full moon day falling on Sunday 3rd December, Ketops celebrate the closest distance that the moon and the six stars have come together. Nya Ru is also celebrated in Dogar village in Paro and it is also known as Bja-wo Kam Nyaru. How Ketops decided to celebrate Bja-wo Kam Nyaru instead of other losars celebrated in rest of the Bongop villages remains unclear.

It is a big event in Ketokha with our fellow Bongops in Ketokha adorning their best dresses and women performing the most beautiful dances. For people who appreciate colours and beauty of celebrations in a rural area in Bhutan, Ketokha is the place to go and time is very short as the celebrations starts in three days time on Sunday 3 December.

This year, unlike in the past, we expect to see few people from Bongo and other villages to join the Nya Ru celebrations in Ketokha. This is an attempt by Bongop Tshogpa to contribute to promoting community harmony.

For those who have not yet decided and happens to see this post, please make an effort to join the Nya Ru celebrations in Ketokha this Sunday. We can assure that there will not be short of fun and joy at the beautiful Ketokha village.

Bongop Tshogpa hopes to carry out a video documentation of the entire celebrations and we surely will have few dances and if possible, Lolay on the last day.

So please make an effort to join our Ketops this time. Life is full of work and being busy is a new disease of this new world. Unless we run away from being busy, we will always remain a busy… Welcome to Ketokha from the evening on 2nd December. Logistics will be arranged if needed.

Photo courtesy: Ketop Family Group on Facebook


Bongo school gets filtered water with Sky Hydrant Water Filter sponsored by Ayr State High School of Australia

Bongo Primary School students can now drink the cleanest water with the installation of Sky Hydrant Water Filter on Sunday 19 November 2017. The water filter was sponsored by Ayr State High School Interact Club of Queensland, Australia and it was shipped all the way from Australia to Bhutan.

Mr. Andrew Gunn and Mr. Phil Gribble of Disaster Aid Response Team of Australia went all the way till Bongo to install the water filter.

This project was started over a month ago in October when Ugyen Pem, one of the Administrators of Bongop Tshogpa, made a personal request to the Club Secretary of Rotary Club Thimphu, Yeshey Dorji on the need for a Water Filter for Bongo School students.

Secretary of Rotary Club of Thimphu (RCT), Yeshey Dorji was crucial in materializing this initiative. Dorji Phuntsho of Bhutan Toilet Organisation made two tiring trips to Bongo village to firstly study the site and secondly to install the filter. Two water storage tanks with capacity of 2000 and 1000 liters were supplied by Rotary Club of Thimphu. Mr. Andrew Gunn and Mr. Phil Gribble took the arduous journey all the way from Australia till Bongo.

Most importantly, the people of Bongo and the students of Bongo Primary School are grateful for such a generous gift from Ayre State High School Interact club.We the Bongops hope to keep contact with Ayr State High School of Queensland, Australia so that we can work on other mutually beneficial projects in the future as well.

Bongop Tshogpa, on behalf of all Bongops would like to thank Ayr State High School for the great help they have given to Bongop people.

All the Bongops and Bongop Tshogpa remain grateful to all others who were directly or indirectly involved with the successful realization of this initiative and for providing the children of Bongo with the clean water.

Thank you and Kadrinchey La.

Bongop Tshogpa

Bongop Tshogpa Fund Raising Party on Saturday 11 November

We are glad to announce a Bongop Tshogpa Fund Raising Party on 11 November 2017. The Party will take place at Club Zomsa. It is organised by our Bongop Youths lead by Jigme Kinley. Do join us for the party. This is the first time we are doing a party like this to raise funds for the benefit of Bongops.

We need the support of our youth to pass on the message and also sell tickets so that we can cover the cost of the hall hired for the night. Call Jigme Kinley at 1733-0066 to join.


Thank you

Bongop Tshogpa Fund Balance as of 30 Sept 2017 is Nu. 32,722 and Chhetrum 59

Today we would like to account for the expenditure and balance of our Bongop Tshogpa Fund.  During the Third Tshogpa Meeting, one of the important recommendations was that any Bongop who needs to perform activities and have to make expenditure for the benefit of all Bongops needs to be reimbursed from the Tshogpa fund.

Many of the Bongop Tshogpa activities are in the villages and honestly, it is taxing and expensive to make frequent trips to the villages to know the status and also monitor the activities. We have few already ongoing and will be updated at the right time when the activities are completed.

The Tshogpa Account was activated on 1st August 2014. As of 30 September 2017, our account balance is exactly Nu. 50,111.59 (fifty thousand one hundred eleven and chhetrum fifty nine). But this amount is excluding few ad-hoc deposits made by the Bongops in between. So today, we would like to find the Net amount remaining in our Bongop Tshogpa Account.

Sangay Thinley, Lekey Wangdi and Sangay Tshering made few expenditure from their own pockets for the benefit of all Bongops and haven’t claimed the refund from the Tshogpa fund. We would like to refund them the amount they have made by them personally. On the other side, we also have left few amount of money which are yet to deposit in the Tshogpa Account. This is also recovered today through this accounting.

Firstly the gross fund balance of our Tshogpa Fund:



Expenses made by the three Bongops on different expenditure heads are as reflected below in the table:

Gross Reimbursement to Sangay Thinley  
Sl NoType of ExpenditureCost (Nu)
1Two Tea Flasks purchased as replacemnt in August 20161100
2Expenditure for food and drinks in Bongo village during Danish Professor visit1350
3Fuel for Karma Chethay Bolero to drive Mr. Tshewang, Guide of Danish Professors to Bongo1000
4Fuel for Karma Chethay Bolero to drive Sho Takano to Jungley and Phasuma1000
5Research Assitant fee paid to Mr. Dawa of Phasuma, Ex student of Pakshikha Central School to do research on Pakshikha student marks2000
6Pakshikha student education materials8320
7Wisdom Magazine arhive purchase and subscription2230
7Cost of One LPG Gas Cylinder Usage during Tshogpa Meeting540
Gross Reimbursement to Sangay Tshering
1Airfare for Bongop Taekwondo player Phuntsho from Jungley10350
Gross Reimbursement to Lekey Wangdi
1Vehicle hire charges for delivery of Tarayana jackets to Bongo and Baeyulkuenzang6000
2Biscuits and refreshments purchased at Youth Meet and mobile voucher to volunteers1500

Refunds that needs to be paid to Sangay Thinley, Lekey Wangdi and Sangay Tshering are as reflected below:

 Refundable by Lekey Wangdi Cost (Nu.)    
1Sangay Tshering Youth Seed Money10000
2Ugay Contribution3000
Refundable by Sangay Thinley
1Aou Chimi Contribution1000
2Aou Tshering (Daughter of Dasho BT Dorji) contribution3000
3Dawa Yangchen Contribution1000
1Net Payable to Sangay Thinley12540
2Net Payable to Lekey Wangdi-5500
3Net Payable to Sangay Tshering10350

With this deductions, the total fund balance of our Tshogpa Fund as of 30 September 2017 is 32,722 (Thirty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Two and Chhetrum Fity Nine)

ReimbursementsTotal (Nu)
Total Tshogpa Fund Balance50111.59
After reimburse to Sangay Thinley37571.59
After reimburse by Lekey Wangdi43071.59
After reimburse to Sangay Tshering32721.59
Remaining Tshogpa Fund Balance as of 30 September 201732722.59

With this, we would like to thank every Bongop who have supported Bongop Tshogpa financially as well as in different ways. All Bongops remain grateful for your kindness and look forward to more support.




Aum Passa Bidha and Sangay Dorji (Tsagay) donates one 5 Litre rice cooker and a 3 Litre water boiler

All Bongops remain thankful to Aum Passa Bidha and Sangay Dorji (Tsagay) for donating a 5 Litre rice cooker and a 3 Litre water boiler for common use by all Bongops. Both of them have been very supportive to all Bongops from the very beginning itself when the idea of forming Bongop Tshogpa was initially started.

Sangay Dorji (Tsagay) is indeed the first person who started contributing for the Bongop Tshogpa in year 2014 when the Bongop Tshogpa Fund was opened for the first time. His single contribution started a chain of events which finally led to what Bongop Tshogpa is today.

The rice cooker that the two siblings donated will be immensely useful for all Bongops. Currently, Bongop Tshogpa has one 10 Litre rice cooker, which is sometimes too big to cook for only few people at mass gatherings.

So to all Bongops who spare your precious time to read this short post, please pass the word around of such good deeds by a fellow Bongop among us. We will all benefit from the kind heart of few like them. We assure to take utmost good care of the two utilities they have donated for all Bongops and hope to spread the benefit to as many Bongops and other people as possible.

Bongop Tshogpa thanks Aum Passa Bidha and Sangay Dorji (Tsagay) for your kindness and generosity for the benefit of all Bongops.


Lifeline for Bongops of Baeyulkunzang and Geduphu is a Ropeway over Wangchu river

Bongop Tshogpa is pleased to share this video of ropeway over Wangchu river which we have desired to produce for a long time. Such ropeways as a means of transport and as part of the livelihood are non-existent in Bhutan now. But for the 68 families of Baeyulkuenzang and Geduphu villages in Chukha, it is their lifeline.

Every summer, they take great risks to their lives to cross this river and reach the other side to buy their necessities. Every winter, they spend many days of labour to build temporary bamboo bridge.

Men, women and children use the ropeway without much maintenance and care. Accidents have happened in the past. Nine people have suffered varying injuries. Some injuries suffered like broken ribs and internal bleeding from the impact of the fall from the faulty or broken rope resulted in lifelong damages to them.

This video is dedicated to all of them who paid high prices with their lives and body and to all who are still using the ropeway. We are eagerly waiting for the suspension bridge that has been ‘coming’ for a long long time, from one Five Year Plan to another. Some voices are just too weak to reach the ears of fund caretakers and distributors in the government!



Thanking Bongop Tshogpa Supporters and hard workers at the Third Tshogpa Meeting

At the third Bongop Tshogpa meeting, many individuals helped for the success of the Tshogpa meeting. Dasho BT Dorji sponsored lunch amounting to Nu. 7710 (Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ten). Dasho and Aum were very generous to spend such a huge amount for the benefit of all Bonogps. Dasho is retired and now resides in Dekiling in Sarpang.

Next we have our cooks who prepared special lunch for all Bongops. Head of cooks was Lopen Peko and assisted by Ugyen (Laem Gangla), Rinchen Gyeltshen of Jungley and our two women, Yeshey Dema and Wangchuk Lham. They worked the whole day washing dishes, cutting vegetables and serving to all Bongops . We thank them very much.

Aum Yangden and Lopen KD’s support on the day is much appreciated. We used their lawn and all other facilities.

The meeting was held inside the BCCI hall. We thank BCCI Secretary General Phub Tshering Sir for giving us the hall free of charge to use on the day. We hope he will support us in our future activities as well.

Lastly to all Bongops who joined the meeting on the day, thank you very much for coming to attend and for being part of a Bonogop community. We will all work together to promote our community harmony and let us all work together step by step to achieve many plans and programmes which are in pipeline already. We need the support of all of you more than ever as we gear up for the activities in the coming months and years. Thank you all again.