Tshogpa Utensils

Bongops living in Thimphu have attended many funerals and also helped other fellow Bongops during needy times.  Our Tshogpa utensils are helping Bongops a lot during such difficult times. The Tshogpa utensils include pots and pans, plates, cups, mugs, spoons, food hot case, tea hot bottle, rice cooker and also chairs.

Utensils are well taken care of by our Tshogpa utensils Caretaker Aum Tshering Yangden. She has voluntarily helped Bongop Tshogpa to do this tough job. These utensils can be borrowed by any Bongop when you need them. They were purchased using contributions from over 30 Bongops from Thimphu, Chukha, Phuentsholing and from other parts of Bhutan. We will let all the donors known to other Bongops in future.

Some pots and plates were donated to the Tshogpa by Kesa Om and Sangay Bidha living in Jungshina (daugthers of Aum Tsheri Choden from Bongo). We also have 18 chairs donated by Karma Tshering from Bongo, living in Samdrupjhongkhar. We also received 50 small chairs from Madam Tshering, daughter of Dasho BT.

We hope all Bongops make use of the utensils whenever you need either during needy times or even during your promotion parties or when you have many people gathered at your home or other places. We show here the list of utensils that our Tshogpa owns.

In the future, we want to purchase a tent and we will also continue to replace the broken or non-functioning utensils. This is all possible because of the good cooperation we have among our Bongops. Now it is much easier for Bongops in Thimphu during the difficult times because they dont have to go house to house looking for utensis. We can just make a phone call to Aum Tshering Yangden and someone can drive to Chubachu to get all utensils in a set. We consider this initiatve as one of the most succesful among others. Hope everyone will be benefited  and we urge everyone to use it, irrespective of whether you have made the contribution or not.

Below is the list of utilities we have for common use by all Bongops and also picture of the utensils for you to look at:

Bongop Tshogpa Utensils

Sl NoUtensil typeSize/colourNumbersCost per pieceTotal Cost (Nu)
1Rice cooker10 Litres18150
2Gas stove head11450
3Hot case 5 Litres1900
4Hot case 4 Litres1600
9Tea FlaskAluminium Grey26001200
10Hot case 3 Litres1400400
11Serve Tray2 Plastic and 2 Dhaka made 4950
12Utensils BasketGreen Colour2440880
13Tea Stirer1170170
14Tea Sieve1donation
15 Tea Blender112001200
21Steel Trunk40 Inches143004300
22Tea Flask2 Litres1400400
23Tea Flask3.2 Litres1700700

The form for borrowing the utensils and a short terms and conditions is also attached here as pdf document for our future refernce.

  1. Terms-conditions-for-Tshogpa-utilities
  2. Form-for-borrowing-Tshogpa-utilities
Tshogpa utilities – Gas stove, Rice cooker, hot case, plates
Tshogpa utilities – Pots, Laddle, Tray
Tshogpa Chairs – 18 Numbers donated by Mr. Karma Tshering, Samdrup Jhongkhar
Utilities bill – 1
utilities bill – 2

utilities bill - 3