Welcome to Bongo Losar from 19 to 22 December

One Losar ends and another begins. Ketokha Nyaru Losar was a huge success. There was unlimited joy and happiness shared among the people of Ketokha and all who attended the Nyaru Losar. For those who have failed to make it to the Ketokha Nyaru Losar, you have to wait for the Ketokha Nyaru video which is forthcoming or you can come to attend the Bongo Losar which starts from 19 December.

There are always unique features in Losars celebrated in different Bongop villages. Ketokha Nyaru was  unique in different aspects and it is even hard to put forth in words the uniqueness. Bongo Losar certainly has its own beauty and charm. If you want to see how it was celebrated back in 2015, please click on the video link below to watch the film made by Jamyang Jamtsho of Gumar Films.

Bongo Losar this time around should be a grand one. We expect all Bongops residing outside of the village to come to attend the Losar. Bongop Tshogpa would be happy to coordinate and travel together from Thimphu if there are many travelers.

Welcome everyone to our Losar. Leave aside your ‘busy schedule’. Let’s enjoy among our parents, brothers, sisters and with our village friends once in a year. We expect to see all of you at Bongo on the evening of 18th December.



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