Invitation to Ketokha Nya Ru Losar starting from Sunday 3 December 2017

The Bongops of Ketokha will celebrate the annual Nya Ru Losar starting from Sunday 3 December. The celebrations last five days and all the people of Ketokha come together to celebrate it with Archery match and dances. Nya Ru is the celebration of the meeting of group of six stars (Min Drug) and the moon. On the 15th full moon day falling on Sunday 3rd December, Ketops celebrate the closest distance that the moon and the six stars have come together. Nya Ru is also celebrated in Dogar village in Paro and it is also known as Bja-wo Kam Nyaru. How Ketops decided to celebrate Bja-wo Kam Nyaru instead of other losars celebrated in rest of the Bongop villages remains unclear.

It is a big event in Ketokha with our fellow Bongops in Ketokha adorning their best dresses and women performing the most beautiful dances. For people who appreciate colours and beauty of celebrations in a rural area in Bhutan, Ketokha is the place to go and time is very short as the celebrations starts in three days time on Sunday 3 December.

This year, unlike in the past, we expect to see few people from Bongo and other villages to join the Nya Ru celebrations in Ketokha. This is an attempt by Bongop Tshogpa to contribute to promoting community harmony.

For those who have not yet decided and happens to see this post, please make an effort to join the Nya Ru celebrations in Ketokha this Sunday. We can assure that there will not be short of fun and joy at the beautiful Ketokha village.

Bongop Tshogpa hopes to carry out a video documentation of the entire celebrations and we surely will have few dances and if possible, Lolay on the last day.

So please make an effort to join our Ketops this time. Life is full of work and being busy is a new disease of this new world. Unless we run away from being busy, we will always remain a busy… Welcome to Ketokha from the evening on 2nd December. Logistics will be arranged if needed.

Photo courtesy: Ketop Family Group on Facebook


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