Bongop Tshogpa Fund Balance as of 30 Sept 2017 is Nu. 32,722 and Chhetrum 59

Today we would like to account for the expenditure and balance of our Bongop Tshogpa Fund.  During the Third Tshogpa Meeting, one of the important recommendations was that any Bongop who needs to perform activities and have to make expenditure for the benefit of all Bongops needs to be reimbursed from the Tshogpa fund.

Many of the Bongop Tshogpa activities are in the villages and honestly, it is taxing and expensive to make frequent trips to the villages to know the status and also monitor the activities. We have few already ongoing and will be updated at the right time when the activities are completed.

The Tshogpa Account was activated on 1st August 2014. As of 30 September 2017, our account balance is exactly Nu. 50,111.59 (fifty thousand one hundred eleven and chhetrum fifty nine). But this amount is excluding few ad-hoc deposits made by the Bongops in between. So today, we would like to find the Net amount remaining in our Bongop Tshogpa Account.

Sangay Thinley, Lekey Wangdi and Sangay Tshering made few expenditure from their own pockets for the benefit of all Bongops and haven’t claimed the refund from the Tshogpa fund. We would like to refund them the amount they have made by them personally. On the other side, we also have left few amount of money which are yet to deposit in the Tshogpa Account. This is also recovered today through this accounting.

Firstly the gross fund balance of our Tshogpa Fund:



Expenses made by the three Bongops on different expenditure heads are as reflected below in the table:

Gross Reimbursement to Sangay Thinley  
Sl NoType of ExpenditureCost (Nu)
1Two Tea Flasks purchased as replacemnt in August 20161100
2Expenditure for food and drinks in Bongo village during Danish Professor visit1350
3Fuel for Karma Chethay Bolero to drive Mr. Tshewang, Guide of Danish Professors to Bongo1000
4Fuel for Karma Chethay Bolero to drive Sho Takano to Jungley and Phasuma1000
5Research Assitant fee paid to Mr. Dawa of Phasuma, Ex student of Pakshikha Central School to do research on Pakshikha student marks2000
6Pakshikha student education materials8320
7Wisdom Magazine arhive purchase and subscription2230
7Cost of One LPG Gas Cylinder Usage during Tshogpa Meeting540
Gross Reimbursement to Sangay Tshering
1Airfare for Bongop Taekwondo player Phuntsho from Jungley10350
Gross Reimbursement to Lekey Wangdi
1Vehicle hire charges for delivery of Tarayana jackets to Bongo and Baeyulkuenzang6000
2Biscuits and refreshments purchased at Youth Meet and mobile voucher to volunteers1500

Refunds that needs to be paid to Sangay Thinley, Lekey Wangdi and Sangay Tshering are as reflected below:

 Refundable by Lekey Wangdi Cost (Nu.)    
1Sangay Tshering Youth Seed Money10000
2Ugay Contribution3000
Refundable by Sangay Thinley
1Aou Chimi Contribution1000
2Aou Tshering (Daughter of Dasho BT Dorji) contribution3000
3Dawa Yangchen Contribution1000
1Net Payable to Sangay Thinley12540
2Net Payable to Lekey Wangdi-5500
3Net Payable to Sangay Tshering10350

With this deductions, the total fund balance of our Tshogpa Fund as of 30 September 2017 is 32,722 (Thirty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Two and Chhetrum Fity Nine)

ReimbursementsTotal (Nu)
Total Tshogpa Fund Balance50111.59
After reimburse to Sangay Thinley37571.59
After reimburse by Lekey Wangdi43071.59
After reimburse to Sangay Tshering32721.59
Remaining Tshogpa Fund Balance as of 30 September 201732722.59

With this, we would like to thank every Bongop who have supported Bongop Tshogpa financially as well as in different ways. All Bongops remain grateful for your kindness and look forward to more support.




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