Lifeline for Bongops of Baeyulkunzang and Geduphu is a Ropeway over Wangchu river

Bongop Tshogpa is pleased to share this video of ropeway over Wangchu river which we have desired to produce for a long time. Such ropeways as a means of transport and as part of the livelihood are non-existent in Bhutan now. But for the 68 families of Baeyulkuenzang and Geduphu villages in Chukha, it is their lifeline.

Every summer, they take great risks to their lives to cross this river and reach the other side to buy their necessities. Every winter, they spend many days of labour to build temporary bamboo bridge.

Men, women and children use the ropeway without much maintenance and care. Accidents have happened in the past. Nine people have suffered varying injuries. Some injuries suffered like broken ribs and internal bleeding from the impact of the fall from the faulty or broken rope resulted in lifelong damages to them.

This video is dedicated to all of them who paid high prices with their lives and body and to all who are still using the ropeway. We are eagerly waiting for the suspension bridge that has been ‘coming’ for a long long time, from one Five Year Plan to another. Some voices are just too weak to reach the ears of fund caretakers and distributors in the government!



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