Thanking Bongop Tshogpa Supporters and hard workers at the Third Tshogpa Meeting

At the third Bongop Tshogpa meeting, many individuals helped for the success of the Tshogpa meeting. Dasho BT Dorji sponsored lunch amounting to Nu. 7710 (Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ten). Dasho and Aum were very generous to spend such a huge amount for the benefit of all Bonogps. Dasho is retired and now resides in Dekiling in Sarpang.

Next we have our cooks who prepared special lunch for all Bongops. Head of cooks was Lopen Peko and assisted by Ugyen (Laem Gangla), Rinchen Gyeltshen of Jungley and our two women, Yeshey Dema and Wangchuk Lham. They worked the whole day washing dishes, cutting vegetables and serving to all Bongops . We thank them very much.

Aum Yangden and Lopen KD’s support on the day is much appreciated. We used their lawn and all other facilities.

The meeting was held inside the BCCI hall. We thank BCCI Secretary General Phub Tshering Sir for giving us the hall free of charge to use on the day. We hope he will support us in our future activities as well.

Lastly to all Bongops who joined the meeting on the day, thank you very much for coming to attend and for being part of a Bonogop community. We will all work together to promote our community harmony and let us all work together step by step to achieve many plans and programmes which are in pipeline already. We need the support of all of you more than ever as we gear up for the activities in the coming months and years. Thank you all again.



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