Farm Road construction to Baeyul Kuenzang begins

A major milestone in the lives of Bongops of Baeyul Kuenzang and Geduphu village was achieved on Monday 25 September when the farm road construction was officially opened by His Excellency the Home Minister Lyonpo Dawa Gyaltshen in presence of the Dasho Dzongdag of Chukha and Dzongkhag and Gewog officials.

The road construction to Baeyul Kuenzang is different from other methods of road construction by the government. It will be done by our Gewog. As you remember, one Excavator each was supplied to each Dzongkhag by the government. The Excavator for Chukha Dzongkhag will be used for road construction to Baeyul Kuezang. The fuel for the use of Excavator will be supplied from the Gewog Development Grant (GDG) (edited as ” The fuel for use of Excavator will be supplied from the Dzongkhag Development Grant” as per clarification from Chukha Dzongkhag Administration).

This is a new model of doing construction and shows the increased involvement of our people and the Gewog. A Lajab (Supervisor) of the road construction work was also appointed on the same day by the public of Baeyul Kuenzang. We are positive that it will be a success but also feel apprehensive that such new models may encounter some challenges in its implementation.

As a Bongop, we have to be active and we should ensure that the road to Baeyul Kuenzang is successfully constructed and such models of increased involvement of our villagers should be encouraged and replicated to other communities.

Further, we are also happy that one of our Tshogpa Administrators had the pleasure to interact with the Dzongkhag officials and had the opportunity to submit about our Bongop Tshogpa activities to our Dasho Dzongdag.

On the sidelines, Dasho Dzongdag also visited Bjimichu area and interacted with the public and shopkeepers of Bjimichu. Discussions were held with the shopkeepers to find out if they faced any issues. Few issues like a 100-meter diversion road from Lhamoizhingkha highway to Bjimichu was discussed. Dasho agreed informally to allow the short road diversion to be constructed. We hope to submit to Dasho Dzongdag and the Dzongkhag the exact physical feature of the required road area.

All in all, it was a great day to see all our people of Baeyul Kuenzang and Geduphu at the road opening. A grand lunch was served by the Gewog. Our Bongo Gup Tshering Nidup was very active and practical in many aspects. He did so many things physically on his own for the grand event. Our Mangmi Sonam Choden and Baeyul Kuenzang Tshogpa Yeshey Choden’s role was very crucial for the success of the day. These two ladies worked from being a cook to a tea server to representing as a public elected figure. We have to appreciate the strength and stamina of these two women.

The public were very cooperative and Akhu Rinchen Gyeltshen and all others from Baeyul Kuenzang played active parts. Mr. Tshering Penjor (Pako) drove all the way from Phuentsholing to Bjimichu to attend the celebration. He was especially generous to sponsor drinks to our villagers at the Bjimichu shops. We all remain grateful for his persistent generosity and laughter generated by his boasty jokes.

Lastly, we are all fortunate and especially the people of Baeyul Kuenzang are more so that the much awaited farm road construction is finally happening. We are also told that the our suspension bridge construction from Bjimichu on Tala side to the opposite river bank across Wang Chu will begin soon. We wait eagerly for the bridge to begin as well.



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  1. This many years waiting to have only road……so lastly we got that……again there are lots of thing to be developed to make equal like other villages……

  2. Very happy to know about the farm road construction connecting Baeyulkuenzang community to other parts of country. Hope the project succeed without any disturbance.

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