Third Bongop Tshogpa Meeting on Sunday 10 September

The much awaited third Bongop Tshogpa meeting will finally take place this Sunday. It will be an important occasion when many Bongops will come together to discuss important issues pertaining our village and Bongop community. The brief meeting agenda we posted before is here. 

Today we extend our formal invitation to all Bongops and Bongop In-Laws. Our In-Laws have always been supportive to the Bongop activities and we welcome you all to the meeting and to continue to support us.

For Bongops living in other parts of Bhutan, if you want to attend the meeting, please feel free to contact us here on Facebook or personally. We can arrange to have you hosted at our Bongop homes and facilitate your meeting attendance.

Overall, it is going to be one big event and ofcourse when Bongops come together, when did we lack the element of fun and huour.

We also gladly announce that Lunch will be cooked at Aum Yangden’s residence in Chubachu. Bongop Tshogpa will be glad to offer a free lunch to all Bongops attending the meeting on the day. We hope to hold the meeting at BCCI hall or any alternative halls nearby.

Hope to see every Bongop on 10 September, Sunday this week. Please call Tshogpa Administrator Lekey Wangdi at 17649979 for any further inquiries.


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