In-Kind and Material Donations done so far by few Bongops to Bongop Tshogpa

Many Bongops have donated useful materials to Bongop Tshogpa for common use by all Bongops. Today we would like inform  and thank them officially for their generosity.

Materials donated are one aluminum bowl and three aluminum ladle by Lopen KD Tshering and Aum Tsheri Yangdey.

A 5-litre food hot case, 12 Dhaka plates and two aluminum pots donated by Kesa Om and Sangay Bidha of Jungshina, 50 kid’s plastic chairs donated by Tshering Om, Daughter of Dasho BT Dorji, 15 plastic chairs donated by Karma Tshering of Samdrup Jhongkhar and finally, two woolen floor carpets donated by Wangchuk Lham and Sangay Thinley.

The materials donated by the above generous people are used whenever Bongops needed them. Aum Tsheri Yangdey and Lopen KD have been kind enough to take care of the Tshogpa materials. We thank their family for the support to Bongop Tshogpa till now.



Left: Wangchuk Lham donated carpets



Right: Lopen KD & Aum YangdeyKesa Om, Sangay Bidha and Dorji (Daughter of Aum Tshering Choden)


Tshering Wangmo (daughter of Dasho B T Dorji) donated 50 Kid’s chairs to Bongop Tshogpa

Bongo Tshogpa will continue to accept material donations in the future as well. Anyone, Bongops or non-Bongops can come forward to donate us. We take a good care of whatever we receive and also we keep on record and also duly acknowledge whatever good deeds and kindness you do for the sake of all Bongops.

We thank the individuals mentioned here for their kindness and generousity. All Bongops remain thankful for showing ways to benefit other Bongops by means of sharing what you possessed.




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