Recollecting the first Bongop Tshogpa meeting held in 2014

We would like to recollect today that on 26 July 2014, the first Bongop Tshogpa meeting was held in Chubachu, Thimphu. 22 Bongops came to attend the meeting. It was significant for all of us because such a meeting targeted to work for the benefit of Bongop community in the present and in the future was not held until that day. This time on 10 September at the third Tshogpa meeting, we expect many issues affecting the present and future of Bongops to be discussed and solutions found wherever possible. We need the voices of all of you the Bongops. Please make an effort to register for the meeting with Lekey Wangdi by message on Facebook or by calling his cell phone at 1764-9979.

The minutes of  26 July 2014 Tshogpa meeting is shared here to give every Bongop a feel of how discussions went during the two meetings:

Minutes of the First Bongop Tshogpa meeting held on Saturday 26 July, 2014

Venue: Lopen K.D Tshering and Aum Yangden’s residence


  1. Dasho Kinley Dorji
  2. Dasho Pema Dorji
  3. Thinley Namgay (Spouse of Sister Keza)
  4. Lopen Pema Gyeltshen
  5. Dasho Dawa Gyaltshen (MP)
  6. Lopen Lhagay Tshering (Spouse of Madam Yeshey from Bongo)
  7. Lopen KD Tshering (Spouse of Aum Yangden)
  8. Lekey Wangdi (GNHC)
  9. Kesa Om (Residence: Jungshina)
  10. Phub Om ( Village: Zamsa)
  11. Choden (BNB)
  12. Sangay Bidha (Residence: Jungshina)
  13. Chimi Om (Aou Chimi)
  14. Tendi (DGM)
  15. Sangay Dorji (Bhutan Telecom, S/0 Menpa Nidup Dorji)
  16. Peko (RBP)
  17. Ugyen Pem (Kidu Office, formerly GNHC)
  18. Bidha (from Jungley, residence: Vegetable market)
  19. Aum Yangden
  20. Sister Keza
  21. Tshiteem (HR Tashi Bank)
  22. Sangay Thinley (CBS)


The first Bongop Tshogpa (hereafter referred to as ‘Tshogpa’) meeting was held on 26 July, 2014. Twenty two Bongops responded positively to the telephone call made for the meeting in the evening of 25th.

The meeting began by Dasho Kinley Dorji praising the auspiciousness of the day and the occasion of being able to meet with the community members for such an initiative which would further enhance cooperation among Bongops. He further praised Bongops in Thimphu for taking the responsibility of coming together and helping community members at needy times.

Dasho then highlighted on the successful conduct of the ‘Karchoed’ ritual in Bongo earlier this year. He praised Bongops in Thimphu for making generous donations to meet the ritual expenses. In the course of the conversation he expressed his sadness at how some Bongops have travelled as far as Punakha to ask for donations for the ritual. He commented that such pathetic acts may not be necessary when Bongops could do it within ourselves.

Special recognition and words of gratitude was handed to other non-Bongop spouses for their unwavering support to all Bongops till now. Lopen KD Tshering and Aum Yangden was given due recognition for their kindness and generosity to support every Bongops at any circumstance.

The floor was then passed on to Lekey Wangdi to delve into the main agenda of the meeting:2Lekey began by laying out the main reasons and noble intentions for initiating Bongop Tshogpa which can be summarized below:

  1. Tshogpa as the platform where younger Bongops could shoulder the communal responsibilities at the advise and wisdom of the senior and elderly Bongops
  2. As a means to narrow gaps between the elders and younger members of the Bongop community.
  3. As a group to share information of the community and help other Bongops find opportunities for betterment, especially the Bongop youths
  4. Take all Bongops on board in promoting community vitality and help each other
  5. Help connect urban folks to native home place and strengthen the relationship

Lekey reminded the crowd that initiation of the Tshogpa is a small initiative to support the already existing intuitive sense of help that exists among the Bongops. He specified that this Tshogpa is not a substitute for the existing voluntary help mechanisms among the members.

He then progressed to the main points of discussion for the meeting starting with the appointment of the Tshogpa governing members. After discussing more than 20 minutes to appoint the Chairman and other members, Lopen KD Tshering’s passionate comments on Dasho Kinley Dorji being the Chairman and Lopen Pema Gyeltshen as the Vice Chairman was well received and endorsed by all the members.

Tshogpa will now be governed by the following members:

  • Chairman – Dasho Kinley Dorji
  • Vice Chairman – Lopen Pema Gyeltshen
  • Secretary – Lekey Wangdi
  • Curator – Aum Yangden
  • Treasurer – Sangay Thinley

The discussion then moved on to the Tshogpa membership and after prolonged discussion the following agreements were reached.

  1. Membership

With discussion inputs from Lopen Lhagay Tshering, Lopen KD Tshering, Dasho Kinley and others the following decision was reached: that all interested Bongops can become member of the Tshogpa and that one or more person from a family can choose to be a membe

2. Membership fee and voluntary contribution

The discussion was held on whether to keep the membership fees on volunteer contribution or to go for the annual membership fees. It was finally decided that for the sustaining of the Tshogpa and promote sense of belongingness, anyone becoming the member of Bongop Tshogpa will have to contribute a membership fee of Ngultrum One Thousand (Nu. 1000) to the Tshogpa fund on an annual basis.

However, Fund Mobilization strategies will include voluntary contributions on timely basis based on the need of the Tshogpa both from the members and other Bongops

3. Tshogpa utilities

The current status of the Tshogpa utilities has been updated to the members during the meeting. It was also decided that Tshogpa Utilities can be borrowed for use by any Bongop whether he/she is a member or not. The detail terms and conditions for borrowing the utilities will be laid down by the Tshogpa governing members

4. Membership benefits

The Tshogpa governing board with advice from others will chart out the benefits that can be given to the members after the accumulation of the Tshogpa fund. This will be discussed at the next Tshogpa meeting to be held soon.

5. Directives to the governing body

Following directives were passed to the governing body to work out and put up to the next general meeting for discussion and endorsement

  • Draw up Term of Reference for Tshogpa including short-term and long-term plans
  • Draw up detail terms and conditions for borrowing the Utilities
  • Draw up membership benefits upon accumulation of Tshogpa Fund
  • Draw up detail Fund Mobilization and Accountability Strategies
  • Draw up strategies to involve Bongops from other Dzongkhags


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