3rd Bongop Tshogpa Meeting will be held on 10 September, 2017

The Third Bongop Tshogpa meeting will be held on Sunday 10 September. It has been three years since all Bongops came together to discuss Tshogpa Terms of Reference (ToR) on 25 August, 2014. The objectives and activities of the Tshogpa were discussed and adopted in the same meeting.

Photos: Bongop Tshogpa meeting in session on 24 August, 2014

We have come a long way in the past three years and in this Tshogpa meeting, we would like to inform about what we have achieved till now and most importantly, how we move ahead from now to the future.

We urge every Bongop to seize this opportunity to be part of a wider Bongop community. The time has come for all of us to think beyond just saying that we are from Bongo, but instead to act and do things in a way which will benefit all Bongops and our Bongop community in the long run.

Please leave message on Bongop Tshogpa Facebook  or contact Lekey Wangdi at 1764-9979 to register for the 3rd Bongop Tshogpa meeting.

Photo: Bongop Tshogpa meeting in session on 27 July 2014

Below is the broad tentative agenda for the 3rd meeting.

  1. First meeting – Recap and Decisions taken
  2. Presentation on achievements till now (chronological order)
  3. Bongop Tshogpa Website
  4. Presentation on the list of contributors to Bongop Tshogpa
  5. Bongop Utensils
  6. Bongo Education initiatives
  7. Challenges facing Bongop community
  8. Discussion in groups challenges and Bongop issues
  9. Financial – Expenditure done till now by the Tshogpa
  10. Way forward & future Tshogpa activities
  11. Appointment of new Tshogpa Administrators
  12. Conclusion & Tashi Delek




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