Successful tour of Bongo, Jungley and Phasuma villages by Takano-san and group

The delivery of 22 kitchen utensil racks to Jungley village and one to Bongo Lhakhang was successful. The journey and programmes went as planned and it was a full two days of hard work for Takano-san and Jigme Phuntsho who accompanied Takano as a friend.

Bongop Tshogpa is glad that we could show our village and the lives of Bongops to a Japanese and also make him experience it first-hand. He was very accommodating to the hard life at this times of the year. Very few people visit our villages at this time and it was also a good break for the people with his visit.

Ms. Daw Zam, the Chipon of Jungley, provided lunch for four people including our car owner and driver Mr. Karma Chethay. After the Jungley visit, Mr. Takano went around Bongo village and visited few homes. He also donated one utensil rack to Bongo Lhakhang.

In Bongo, one thing was certain that the village did not look exactly like that which we saw from our aerial photos and videos. The passage from house to house was muddy and there were few people falling sick at this time. It may be because of the quality of water and the poor sanitation as well. We urgently felt the need for proper toilets and drainage in Bongo to promote our sanitation.

The evening was a lovely time with the people of Phasuma village. It was time for relaxation with few Tongpa rounds. Lopen Jigme Phuntsho bought Whiskey and Beer to serve to the people of Phasuma. We talked and enjoyed few dance numbers performed by the women of Phasuma. We stayed late into the night and at the end of the dance, Mr. Takano gifted them with some cash Soelra as well. We retired in the comfort of government supplied mosquito nets at Aou Dema’s house in Phasuma.

The next day again, it was a very tight schedule. There was just so many things to learn for Bongop Tshogpa and for Takano-san as well.  We went to visit a cardamom orchard in Phasuma and also see the newly installed AMC Cardamom Drier.

The drier construction was not yet complete but we could get the feel how cardamom will be dried from this September in this modern drying machine. Mr. Karma Chethay was extremely helpful for us. Indeed, he drove his car free for all of us during the journey.

All in all, it was a very fulfilling visit. We have achieved more than we desired on this short visit and we talked a lot through the day as we drove back to Thimphu. One thing was certain that all of us were dead tired once we reached Thimphu.

Bongop Tshogpa would like to thank everyone involved in this small initiative. The people of Jungley, Bongo and Phasuma who welcomed Mr. Takano to the village. The Dasho Dzongdag and Dasho Dzongrab of Chukha Dzongkhag who assured safety and support for Mr. Takano incase if anything went wrong. Lastly the Tshogpa Administrators who have always been supportive and together in everything that we did till now, whether small or big. All Bongops would like to thank Mr. Takano again and we hope to see you again among Bongops after one year when he returns from his further studies in the UK. Thank you again.


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